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If you are facing problems in logging in or navigating within NOLS after you have reset your password, please check the following

1) You are using IE 6.0 or above (choose Help - About Internet Explorer)
2) Clear your browser cache (cookies & temp files)
3) You have enabled your browser to accept cookies
4) You have enabled your browser to use SSL
5) If your favorites link is pointing to, then please delete and point it to:

Instructions for clearing the browser cache:

For Internet Explorer 6.0

1) Select "TOOLS" from the menu-bar of the browser
3) Under the title "Temporary Internet files", Click on "Delete Files"
4) Click on "Apply"/"OK"
5) Restart the Browser

For Internet Explorer 8

1) From the Safety menu in the upper right, click Delete Browsing History
2) Deselect(i.e.,uncheck) Preserve Favorites website data, and select(i.e.,check) Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History
3) Click Delete

Please contact NOLS Support( for any further assistance

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